Son Naava is nestled in the agricultural heart of Mallorca. Near a small town called Montuiri, Son Naava borders the famous archaeological and historic Talaiotic Site of Son Fornes, that dates back to 850-550 BC. This area is seeped in richness and history, making the Son Naava soil, bountiful in many ways.


Straight from Son Naava's grove, our hand grown Alberquina Olives are carefully pressed into the highest quality extra virgin oil, that now finds its place into your home.


Our Olive plants were specially selected from the very best Alberquina Variety. The Alberquina Olive, with its earthy, aromatic flavour, is one of the most delicious grown today. We chose to only plant Alberquina Trees, as they flourish in Mallorca's dry hot summers and alkaline soils. Son Naava's soil is rich in Calcium and has a low PH level, which further aides in producing an extra special olive oil. The Son Naava olive grove consists of 3000 trees that produce 20,000 liters of oil annually, with the assistance of the best Demeter farmer on the island, who ensures the trees are blossoming and bearing optimum fruit.


We are entrepreneurs turned global nomads with a passion for health and purity. We are pedantic perfectionists that strive for the best in terms of quality and detail. As a husband/wife team, we have travelled and lived around the world, as well as having run a successful natural skin and hair care company for 30 years.

When we fell in love with Mallorca and bought Son Naava in 2010, there were only a few young olive trees on the property. We realized we had an opportunity to merge our entrepreneurial spirit with our obsession with health and olive oil. With Son Naava Olive Oil we wanted to package not only health and purity but also great taste into a bottle!


Demeter Biodynamic Farming is a holistic approach to agriculture. Biodynamic farming methods ensure the soil is nourished naturally and the farmers return more to the soil than they remove in the process of cultivating crops. The trees are planted on non-pesticide contaminated soil, and we ensure that no chemicals have been used whilst tending, nurturing or processing the olives.

The Demeter Association inspects our Grove twice a year, making sure that all the stringent rules are met. The trademark 'Demeter' is only awarded to products that go through a set, certified, biodynamic production.


In order to optimize the yield, the Olives are harvested in October when they are 50% black, which is the perfect colour.

The Olives are picked with a large vibrating comb that gently shakes the trees till the Olives 'naturally' fall on carefully placed nets. They are then gathered and stored overnight, in a cold dark room, in order to protect the olives from fermenting or oxidizing.

Early next morning, they are sent to the Organic Processing Plant where they are pressed before any other olives, to ensure there is no contamination. The olives are always pressed within 24hours of harvesting to keep the acid content of the oil extremely low. The lower the acid level, the more refined, fresh and pure the oil is.

Once the oil has been released, the Demeter and Oil of Mallorca Ecological Organisations analyze it before it gets bottled.


To guarantee that Son Naava Olive Oil could be used to support one's health, we wanted to create a product that did not compromise on quality and had all the therapeutic properties that extra virgin olive oil can provide. The acid levels in Extra Virgin Olive Oil ranges from 0% - 0.8%. The lower the percentage, the better the quality of oil.

Son Naava Olive Oil has an excellent acidity level of 0.26%

Olive Oils with a lower acid level begin to smoke at a higher temperature when heated thus making them more versatile in the kitchen. Oils with higher acid levels tend to go rancid more rapidly.

Good quality Olive Oils, like Son Naava, are rich in nutrients, contain beta-carotene and Vitamin E and are also anti-inflammatory and immunity building. It reduces LDL (bad cholesterol) and raises HDL (good cholesterol).